Rounding First

Summer has started and that means more horse show photos!! The local group has decided to do only speed classes for the year and that means less time up at the hot fairgrounds and less photos to go through and edit! :)

I’ll miss trying to perfect my technique at the pleasure shows but that means that I can learn more about my Photoshop program and what it can do for my photographs.

This photo is an example of what I’m picking up by reading things here and there on the internet. Gotta love the world wide web! Everything I do is pretty much self-taught so I’m way behind the ball compared to everybody else. Classes would be awesome, if there were some in the area.

I’ve been doing the selective color for awhile but now I learned how to make the subject stand out. As you can see, the background was a little busy with the warm-up pen with riders, assorted people and all the trucks and trailers parked there. I can’t move to the other side to get a ‘cleaner’ background because then I’d be shooting into the sun. Not recommended! So anyway, I learned a simple trick last week (thanks to the www!) on how to blur it out. It may end up getting out of hand because there’s many different filters to do it with. :D

Anyway, enjoy and hopefully I’ll be back on here more often!

What we do in the UP on a warm February day

Well, it wasn’t exactly warm with the breeze coming off of Lake Superior. The sun sure felt good though!

Some friends and I headed out with our snowshoes to do a little exploring to see what we could find. Enjoy!

February Wedding

I received a call in January about a couple needing a photographer for their wedding day. At the end of February. My first thought was, ‘I hope the weather is nice!’ :D

Well, it did end up being decent, no blizzard, and I had fun doing the picts. It was a quick, relaxed ceremony and I have a couple more satisfied customers! Here’s some photos from the day.

This ended up being late because I got sucked into high school basketball here in Chassell.  Photos coming soon from both the boys and girls games!

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